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From The Desk of G.S. Luthra, MBA, BFA, BA, BS


  Journalism is a dead field. What once used to be a respected profession is now a web of automated regurgitation of hate, lies, and bigotry to appease special interest groups. Philosophy is another once great subject that has been buried beneath pop culture and social media consumerism. You may have read alternative media, conspiracies, Red pill, and MGTOW, but left lost as these movements all talk about the same predictable content without really solving real issues, and they’ve gone stale. All you’re doing is hopping from one extreme to another, looking online for enlightenment.

Nerds have conquered the world with geeks studying engineering and worshiping technology. They have made phones & the internet their god, and this false deity has led modern man astray into a dark abyss of hedonism. Nothing wrong with seeking pleasure and gratification, but it’s become a means to an end. The purpose of life does not revolve around an orgasm, a selfie, a Facebook like, or any other false form of accomplishment.

At Straightforward Voice (SFV), you get top quality content produced by an unbiased independent source.


Why Trust G.S. Luthra?

 Read my writing and you’ll quickly see that I’m very straight to the point with a No BS style. Unlike corporate owned TV/Radio Hosts, I personally analyze things and break them down and not addicted to any one school of thought. I take the good from all sides and present my findings.

I’m not a republican, democrat, conservative, or liberal, nor do I belong to any religion or any group for that matter.


Here’s What Separates Me From The Rest:

Highly Educated – With advanced degrees in business, science, and even art, you’ll get writing from a mind like no other. Having done courses in higher math, stats, micro/macro economics, scientific research, psychology, quantitative analysis, and more, enables me to thoroughly research and provide accurate information. Check out my personal website for a complete list of my qualifications.

Polished Character – I don’t drink, smoke, use drugs, and no promiscuous – therefore my mind is clear and untainted. Many like to dilute their senses with substance abuse, I seek to enhance my senses through meditation and self study to better experience life more profoundly

A Fresh Unique Voice – You don’t want the same uneducated stooges like on Fox News, CBS, MSNBC, and Alternative Media who are giving you an agenda. Education makes a big difference! You want someone who can actually think and analyze, who knows how to read the research. You can’t listen to these fake TV/Radio hosts who only know how to read scripts and teleprompters. A construction worker or high school graduate is simply not qualified. They don’t have the brains to put things together to discuss the higher things.


As you can see, this website is not for cheap people, it’s only for a select educated audience who understands logic, reason, and satire as humor is something we all need to have more of.


This is my commitment. I’m not going to over sell you on this offer, but so you know, these are the benefits of becoming a member of SFV and why it is worth your time –


Free of Bureaucracy – I’m completely independent, I don’t work for anyone , therefore I don’t have to hold my tongue or mince words due to conflict of interest

No Agenda Going on Here – Some promote the left, others the right, while others say it’s all a conspiracy and call you stupid for not believing in everything they say. Not here folks, not here.

Free of Ads – ever find an article you like but are bombarded by advertisements that disturb your intent by slowing down your connection speed and concentration? I’m pleased to say you won’t get that at SFV as we’re here to give you an UNMATCHED reading experience. The only links you’ll find may be personal recommendations and within an author’s bio section to their personal page at the end of article pieces.

An Educated Audience – tired of sties full of stupid comments and profanity by idiots hiding behind computers? Not at SFV. As a member, you’ll be apart of an community of intelligent readers like you and interact with like minds. Trolls are not welcome.

Exclusive Access to the Private Facebook Group – Imagine a group where only members are allowed who can free discuss without having to worry about admin or blocking. High standards are maintained and is something found nowhere else. Here you can connect and discuss anything without worrying about censorship with a membership only group. (**Note**: I’ve been kicked out of Facebook more times then I can remember, so in case they pull off the same stunt, a substitute will be created, possibly a forum)

Straightforward Content – I speak my mind and that’s what you’ll get. I think and not loyal to any religion, political party, or ideology. This is very important, because you, the reader, know that I’ AM NOT A GATEKEEPER. Later, should more contributors be added, they will uphold the same gold standard.

Access to the SFV Library – with over 200 articles on philosophy and trending culture, you have a plethora of top quality content that’s growing. Plus, you get to listen to all episodes of the podcast.

Updated Weekly – a new article and podcast is uploaded every week. I know you’re craving intellectual conversation and you will be delighted that you joined.

No Salesman Crap – just pure straightforward quality content that gets right to the point.

Hires Only the Best of Writers – you’ll get difference voices all unique and straightforward in their own way, talk about various things with different perspectives. Hearing different views gives us a spherical perspective to see a topic from every angle in ways you never thought about or didn’t explore enough.

Exclusive Rights to Contact G.S. Luthra and SFV – with my busy schedule, I only respond to a select few, but you’ll become among the privileged few. 


BONUS – Get All Of My Books Delivered Straight To Your Door For FREE

In addition to this package, you will get the following:


A Paperback copy of MUSCLE MASS Without A Gym with Bonus Audio File, eBook, Workout Plan Calculator Excel File, and Quick Start Poster – that’s over a $90 value


A HARDCOVER copy of Donald Trump vs The Globalists – a $49.99 value


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A paperback copy of RU Screw – a $19.95 value


Yoga Naturel eBook instant download – a $9.99 value


My God What am I Doing? 

  I can’t believe I’m giving all this for free. You better get on this incredible deal now, before I come back to my senses and take it away! The other thing is, what you see on SFV is –


 Not Available Anywhere Else

   This is not listed on iTunes, Spotify, or any other 3rd party mainstream outlet…and I think you know why. With all the free speech censorship, it is important to keep such content private and exclusive. We don’t want any surprises in the future and want to protect our subscribers and make sure they get the fresh content instantly delivered without any complications.

It truly is exclusive. Get on this now, because it’s only for The First 1000 Subscribers.

I hope you take advantage of this now so you don’t regret it later.

Thank you,




G.S. Luthra, MBA, BFA, BA, BS




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